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 Musketeer of Death (Nl)

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PostSubject: Musketeer of Death (Nl)   Sun 11 Feb - 18:08

Mystica seems to play what they like the most in the present time. They transformed over the years from a traditional black metal horde to a more modern touched death metal band. On their latest feat "Carol Anne" they produce a tight masterly example of melodic and varied nowadays metal. A violent guitar sound, a deep-seated bass, bombing drums, use of samples and vocals that go from clean to grunts to screams all done with an enormous passion, power and intensity. The sound is rich, brutal and bombastic, the effect is in one word smashing. Although they could be accused of a band playing the popular style of the moment, they succeed to convince in all evolved styles they played over the years, and that speaks for the benefit of this Walloon band. Having shit on everything, Mystica adds after the "Carol Anne" story 2 bonus tracks (originally released on the 2005 release "Human Mutants") showing a more atmospheric, still aggressive black-orientated side of the band. In my opinion these are out of place on this production. Not that they are bad, ‘cause nothing is further from the truth. It’s just the fact they don’t fit in any way to the 5 previous songs. Probably it shows what the next album will sound like, the future will tell us.
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PostSubject: Re: Musketeer of Death (Nl)   Mon 12 Feb - 0:31

j'ai pas tout compris...
mais j'ai hate de voire ce 3ieme album Twisted Evil
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Musketeer of Death (Nl)
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